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Chebfun 2012

HPU4Science will give a talk at the Chebfun 2012 workshop:

Electron Paramagnetic Resonance Imaging (EPR-I) with Chebfun

EPR-I has unique applications in material science and medicine. We develop EPR-I computed tomography software, notably for real-time imaging. We report our current work with integrating Chebfun in our pipeline: from the Radon transform to our tailored filtered back projection, and all through a convolution Fredholm operator, the Chebfun approach --together with our 2D implicit usage-- has already brought considerable insights and improvements over existing procedures. Our massive data-sets also required parallelizing some Chebfun functions on GPUs, allowing ~100 times faster polynomial evaluation: real-time EPR-I based on Chebfun is within our reach.