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The Team

The Core


Yann Le Du, CNRS engineer, launched the HPU4Science project in 2009.

Mariem El Afrit, joined the project early in 2010 as an undergrad, through an internship financed by CNES and then by ANR ORIGINS/ENUSIM. Working as "ingénieur d'étude" in CNRS since June 2011 and  she is a Ph.D student since September 2013 and working on data fusion for the EPR Imaging. This Ph.D is financed by the society  XTREMVIZ and is in collaboration with the "Institut de Recherche de Chimie Paris" (IRCP) and the Center for Research and Restoration of Museums of France (C2RMF).


Balli Zehra

Zehra Balli
, master student in mathematics at the UPMC (Université Pierre et Marie Curie). Joined the project in 2012 to work on the development of methods to approximate chebfun function.

Rafael del Pino

Rafael del Pino, engineering student at Telecom ParisTech. Joined the project in 2012 to work on EPR-Imaging.

Nurcan Demirbas

Nurcan Demirbas, engineering student at ISBS (Institut Supérieur de BioSciences de Paris). Joined the project in 2012 to work on EPR-Imaging.

Diane Magnenan

Diane Robert-Magnenan, philosophy undergrad and artist, joined the project in 2009, and has contributed in many artistic ways, including the drawings for the third Ars Technica paper.

Adrien Surwumwe

Adrien Surwumwe, engineering student at Grenoble INP Phelma. Joined the project in 2012 to work on GPU-based parallel implementation of polynomial calculus.

The Asthenosphere

Laurent Binet, Chimie ParisTech associate professor, is an EPR and material science expert at LCMCP/Chimie ParisTech and a main contributor to the use of EPR in exobiology.

Didier Gourier, Chimie ParisTech professor, is an EPR expert and material science expert at LCMCP/Chimie ParisTech and he initiated the use of EPR of carbon in exobiology.

Hervé Vezin, CNRS research director, is continuous and pulsed wave EPR expert at the LASIR in Lille, and an old time close collaborator of the EPR group at the LCMCP. Hervé is the ANR ENUSIM/ORIGIN project leader, and is equipped with bleeding edge Bruker EPR spectrometers, including an imageing continuous wave and pulsed wave EPR device.

The Crust

Yves Frapart, CNRS engineer, is the EPR imageing team leader at Paris Descartes, and his lab is equipped with multiple Bruker EPR spectrometers, including imageing ones. He has the first Bruker EPR imageing spectrometer that was installed in France, and at the time the most powerful one worldwide.

Fabienne Peyrot, IUFM associate professor, is an organic, mineral and industrial chemicals specialist.

The Lithosphere

Jean-François Engrand, Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) technician, is the man who knows all about the non computer hardware, and who always finds a solution to all the problems that lurk in those dark regions.

The Biosphere

Frédéric Mentink, PhD from Université Pierre et Marie Curie (Paris 6) who worked at the LCMCP/Chimie ParisTech. He worked on quantum information and Electron Paramagnetic Resonance, is an apt photographer and is working on giving us the best shots while pondering on the potentialities of compressed sensing.

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