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Processeur : Intel Xeon séquence 5000

The current line of Xeons are based on the same architecture as the i7. The difference is usually that the Xeons are the cream of the crop. They run cooler and at lower voltages. Otherwise, performance is usually identical.
  • Xeons are able to be used in multi-socket motherboards, where i7s are not. 
  • Xeons are also usually the first to be updated. There are 8-core Xeons, but not i7s yet, though they are still based on the same architecture. 
  • The additional reliability of the Xeons is very important in servers where the lower heat dissipation and power consumption are essential. And the server must be able to treat many administration processes, manage disks at the same time.

Ventilateur pour processeur : Noctua NH-U12P SE2

  • High performance cooling.
  • Silent.

Carte graphique : GTX-285

Disque dur interne : Hitachi Deskstar 7K2000

  • The HDD are used for the information storage.

Disque dur SSD : OCZ Vertex Turbo Series

  • The latency of a SSD is around 150 times faster than a hard drive.
  • Booting an Operating System and starting up application programs normally means reading lots of small files from the system drive. This is where SSDs really shine.

Mémoire pour serveur : Kingston ValueRAM "Triple Channel" 12 Go

Material tests

  • Temperature tests:

 Max temperature